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About MERGe


The Kansas MERGe Team is designed to bring the ambulance services within Kansas together to face the challenges of major medical responses.These include tornadoes, mass transit accidents, floods, hospital evacuations, explosions and other events. When an incident begins to pull resources from outside the immediate area or county of occurrence, or if it involves multiple counties in size or response, the MERGe Team is designed to provide a plan and response system to assist local services in managing the incident. Although the MERGe Team was originally developed in Kansas Region III/VI, and currently most most team members are from the EMS Regions, the MERGe Team is available to respond to assist in any area of Kansas.​


Develop, facilitate and maintain a system of preparation, response and recovery for major emergency medical events affecting licensed ambulance services within Kansas.



  • Incident response team

  • Planning assistance

  • Training programs

  • Information resources and materials

  • Communications guide

  • Incident resource guide

  • Assistance with mutual aid agreements

Kansas MERGe Team

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